Capacity building

Initially, we train the groups in leadership, group dynamics and how to draft their own constitution. Next we facilitate workshops so that the groups can identify their needs, the resources already available to them, and the resources that Sadiki might be able to provide. Then we assist the groups to develop projects which will use the resources they have identified to help meet those needs. This method ensures that we respond to local needs, in a way that is appropriate to the community, and owned and managed by that community.

Having identified and planned a project, such as micro-credit, Sadiki then provides technical training so that the group can participate in, and also manage that project, with guidance as necessary. We also help them to structure the projects so that they become self-sustaining.

We continually work to build the capacity of our groups, so that in time they are able to plan and undertake their own development projects. Our groups are also an invaluable resource, spreading skills to their wider community and giving birth to new groups.